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At AD1 Resources, we offer our investors a better way to safely and securely grow their wealth. We provide targeted investment opportunities that focus on intelligent and proven strategies, yield double-digit returns and are backed by real estate. Whether you’re a new or seasoned investor, you’ll discover new ideas and motivation while learning a detailed strategy to acquire, secure, and protect investment capital in your first or next private lending deal with us.

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Our investment process leads to market-leading returns.
We focus on creating value through data-driven real estate development strategies, for the benefit of our investors and the community at-large.

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Property-Type Focus

By focusing on B & C class properties, we reduce the impact of market downturns, which tend to affect A-class properties most. This also allows us to have expertise with that specific tenant/buyer base.

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Value-Add Potential

We produce strong returns through identifying properties where we can significantly force appreciation through property additions and upgrades.

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Multiple Exits

We strictly target properties that can be exited using at least 2 strategies including: conventional sale, sale by lease-purchase or rent & refinance in order to give flexibility and reduce the risk of having to fire sale.

Build-to-Rent Focus

Build-to-rent homes have been the focus of our business for the past few years and offer a flexible alternative between traditional multifamily apartments and home ownership. We build/heavily renovate homes throughout Metro Atlanta with millennials in mind and typically rent our units furnished on 30-180 day leases to traveling nurses or corporate tenants.

In the suburbs and beyond, our build-to-rent homes have multiple high-end features and amenities with plenty of breathing room inside our homes, outside in the yard and within our neighborhoods and communities. Through our development and property management, we are proud to have an additional type of housing that will reach a different set of clientele and prospective residents in the multifamily verse.

What Our Private Lenders Have To Say

I have done numerous Private Lending deals with AD1 Resources.  Every one has paid in full as scheduled.  I am very happy with my Private Lending as an alternative to the stock and bond markets.  The AD1 Resources team are very organized and make each transaction easy from initial funding to monthly interest payments to final payoff.  I highly recommend them to anyone interested in Private Lending.

Brian May

I am retired and my Private Lending income helps to improve my lifestyle.  I enjoy the monthly income, not having to deal with the intricacies of the property itself and the security I get with a Private Lending investment.  Knowing that I have an acceptable loan to value on Georgia Real Estate helps me sleep better at night.

Cindy Thorpe

I am a very experienced Private Lender and have worked with many of the top Private Money Lenders in Georgia.  I invested in a 2nd position Secured Note with AD1 Resources. and was impressed with their fast and professional service.  We seamlessly worked through the investment process, the Secured Note performed as scheduled and we received a healthy return from the secured investment.  I would recommend AD1 Resources to anyone looking for Private Lending opportunities.

Chad Rudolph

Invest With The Top 1%
In Private Alternative Assets