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At A Fixed 10-12% Interest

We secure private lender funds by collateralizing their money on our real estate purchases and paying a fixed return of 10-12% on their funds (rate depends on amount and situation).

This way, our lenders can double their money with us in as little as six years.

Borrowed funds are backed up in a “first position security deed” and total a maximum of 75% LTV (loan-to-value). This means that if you were to lend us $150,000, we would match your loan to a property worth $200,000.

The 25% “cushion” protects you in the event that something dramatic happens. Ultimately, though, your protection comes from the property itself. If we ever stopped paying you (something that has never happened), you would be entitled to the property to sell or rent out. Such an investment is referred to as PRIVATE LENDING. There are no hidden fees or costs associated with private lending, and our investments come with a 60 day call-option.

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Property-Type Focus

By focusing on B & C class properties, we reduce the impact of market downturns, which tend to affect A-class properties most. This also allows us to have expertise with that specific tenant/buyer base.

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Value-Add Potential

We produce strong returns through identifying properties where we can significantly force appreciation through property additions and upgrades.

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Multiple Exits

We strictly target properties that can be exited using at least 2 strategies including: conventional sale, sale by lease-purchase or rent & refinance in order to give flexibility and reduce the risk of having to fire sale.

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